Find a Retailer (International)

Looking for retailers within the USA. Check out our list of Domestic Retailers .

Dealer Name State Countrysort ascending Website Products
Draft Wheelchairs United Kingdom Handcycle Trainers
Round Square Ventures Ltd United Kingdom Omnium (Feedback Sports) Adapters
Nicebikes Sweden Trike Trainers
3ike Recumbents Spain Handcycle Trainers, Trike Trainers
Nakhasah Saudi Arabia Trike Trainers
BSR AS Norway Omnium (Feedback Sports) Adapters
i-Wheeltrainer Netherlands Handcycle Trainers
HandBike Garage Italy Handcycle Trainers, Trike Trainers
Velofasto France Trike Trainers
Velofasto France Trike Trainers
DECAVISA Costa Rica Omnium (Feedback Sports) Adapters
Craig's Cycles Cayman Islands Bike Rollers
Bike Right Canada Ontario Canada Bike Rollers
D'Amour Bicycle & Sports Inc. - CANADIAN DISTRIBUTOR Canada Trike Trainers
Funwest Sports AB Canada Trike Trainers
Wheel Life Cyclery AB Canada Bike Rollers, Trike Trainers
Lightning Cycle Works AB Canada Bike Rollers, Accessories
Cycle Power ON Canada Bike Rollers, Accessories
Hamilton Trike and 'Bent ON Canada Trike Trainers
RideMOre ON Canada Trike Trainers
Bicycle Sports Pacific BC Canada Bike Rollers
Winner's Edge Bike Shop Bermuda Bike Rollers, Omnium (Feedback Sports) Adapters
Trike-Shop Belgium Trike Trainers

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