Omnium Trainer

"If you've ever ridden up and down a single street attempting to warm up for a race, or strained your back dragging your stationary trainer back and forth from your home to your car then you need the Omnium. It's with no sentimentality that I, a car-less biker, can say it has changed my racing life."

-- Danielle Kosecki, Gear of the Day, Bicycling Magazine

 Cyclocross Magazine "Using my carbon road bike, I put in 10 hours across six rides on the Omnium and it was the most enjoyable experience I've had riding indoors since my marathon roller sessions back in college. The Omnium rides somewhat like a cross between a fluid trainer and standard size rollers.

Though a lifetime warranty could make this the last trainer you'll ever own, I imagine most serious cyclists will make the Omnium the second trainer they want to own, but the first one they reach for come race day."

-- Eric Takayama, Cyclocross Magazine, Issue #24

Gear Patrol"Overall the Omnium was seriously impressive. It takes the compactness, ease of use and noise level from rollers and combines it with the stability, resistance and mindlessness of a trainer. Its price point falls above many basic (but very good) trainers and rollers but well below the advanced direct-drive setups from companies like WaHoo and Cycleops. That makes the Omnium perfect for riders in need of a top-tier trainer for race warm-up or painless home use — especially in a 'cozy' New York apartment."

-- Henry Phillips, Gear Patrol

BikeRumor.com"Tired of lugging around that heavy trainer that folds down to the size of an old desktop computer? Lay your eyes on the production version of SportCrafters’ new Omnium trainer. About the size of a Ghostbusters Ghost Trap when folded up (theoretically), the Omnium is built to go wherever you go – even if that is just to the basement to work out. In spite of its compact nature, the Omnium is a full featured trainer that from the outset, looks like a perfect companion come race day.

Those looking to lighten the load when headed to their local race will love the compact size, and the ability to leave the rear wheel in place. Also, with the Ominum’s TSA approval, anyone flying to a race will be able to bring the Omnium as a carry on."

-- Zach Overholt, BikeRumor

PEZ Cycling News"Once I got pedaling on the Omnium I immediately noticed that it was nearly silent even at a 40-kmh spin. Compared to the jet-engine scream of other trainers and rollers at high speed, this quietness was a pleasant surprise. Another plus for me is that the Omnium allows for some of the engaging, natural bike movement provided by rollers while providing most of the stability of a trainer. "

-- Jordan Cheyne, PezCycling News

BikeRadar.com"The SportCrafters Omnium's unique form factor makes it a great companion for race warm-ups. It fits easily in any vehicle, is easy to set up, offers a reasonable amount of resistance, and is sufficiently stable to get the blood flowing.

Highs: Ultra-compact and portable design, built-in progressive resistance, easy setup, high-quality construction"

-- James Huang, Technical Editor, BikeRadar

Aero Geeks"The point is that the Omnium is portable, practical, and offers the ability to have a true warm-up machine without the fuss of a team mechanic or lugging around all the accessories of a normal trainer... And when used for the intended purpose as a warm-up trainer, it is absolutely fantastic. The resistance is progressive in a predictable fashion, and while we aren’t quite sold on the idea that it feels like being on the road, it’s a lot closer than our more traditional trainers come, and that’s worth noting. When done, pack it back up in under a minute, attach your front wheel again, and rack into transition or line up for mass start."

-- Devon Bain, Technical Editor, Aerogeeks

Slowtwitch.com"The realistic curve felt very realistic... For those that must ride early in the morning or late at night, noise is always a concern. I put the Omnium up there with all of the super-quiet trainers. Noise is affected by tire choice on any wheel-driven trainer, and my Specialized Roubaix Pro tires were nearly silent on these rollers."

-- Greg Kopecky, Slowtwitch

Road Bike Action"Top spot on the podium goes to the Omnium Trainer by SportsCrafters. Inc... Just think about it—a lightweight roller, no removing the rear wheel, fully adjustable and under 15 pounds. This is a game changer for the pre-race warm-up or spin classes at your local bike shop, even for bike fit. Fast, light, efficient, multi-functional and effective—all qualities we appreciate as cyclists."

-- RaeLynn Milley, Girl Talk Editor, Road Bike Action Magazine


OverDrive Pro Rollers

BikeRadar awarded SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers with 4 Stars! Their definition: "Very good. One of the best you can buy."

"Now that I have been forced inside several times, I must say that your roller design is amazing. I have gotten my heart rate higher than I have seen in two years just doing progressive work on the rollers with the new resistance roller installed. At a certain point,it really comes back at you hard. If I were outside, I would downshift at that point, and that is also an option inside. I can't imagine needing more resistance than this set-up... It will be used a lot now that the winter weather has finally kicked in." 

-- Paul Forsythe, Manager Team Kenda p/b RACC, USA Cycling Level One Coach

"We are loving the rollers, especially with this year’s extended Colorado winter…The resistance is also making it much easier for the athletes to do high power workouts inside without having to get on the trainer. Resistance feel wise, I can’t tell the difference between your rollers and high quality fluid trainer.”

-- Michael Durner, Coach, Military & Veteran Cycling, United States Olympic Committee

"Once I got outside I really experienced the benefits of the OverDrive Pro bicycle rollers because I felt that my cadence became much more fluid. I really felt that I could spin at a higher cadence for a longer time. I essentially felt as if I had been doing leg weight lifts due to the resistance the rollers provided." 

-- Imelda March, Daily Peloton Pro Cycling News

"SportCrafters have used some ingenious magnetic technology hidden inside the rear roller to add progressive resistance to their rollers. The power curve of the Sportcrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers increases with speed in a non-linear fashion as it would on the road, and for those that are aware of Trainerroad the power curve of the SportCrafters rollers is consistent enough to be compatible with the Trainerroad virtual power service should you wish to use it."

-- Peter Rox, Bicycling Australia


Cadence Rollers

"Smooooth. The drums... spin with such fluidity that, to paraphrase a bike review cliche, they disappear beneath you. At 90 rpm in medium gearing, The drums let you whirl at talking pace but are small enough to make you suffer at high rotations... we found the ride exceptionally smooth at all speeds but especially so at heavy loads with high cadence.

OUR VERDICT: Exquisite ride and great looks."

-- Bicycling Magazine, Jan/Feb 2004


OverDrive Trike Trainer

"The best way I can describe the feeling I got when training with the new Progressive Roller is 'eerily realistic.' It does exactly what it claims to do. If you leave your trike in low gear and pedal a medium cadence, it feels as if you’re just cruising down the bike path. But if you bang up a couple of gears and start hammering, it feels sort of like you’re pushing into a stiff headwind trying to hold 25 mph."

-- Bryan Ball, Managing Editor, BentRider Online

"I have tested a few different trainers for trikes and bikes. The MR110 OverDrive Trike Trainer... is hands down my favorite.

Unfortunately, if there happens to be an actual hurricane, ice storm, cook-eggs-on-the-sidewalk heat wave, alien invasion, or plague of biblical-proportions happening outside, the MR110 OverDrive Trike Trainer will take away any excuse you might have to skip your ride. Sorry."

-- Brian Zupke, Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine, Issue #44

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