Xshifter 2X Combo Kit with XPod

The Combo kit will work with any 2X drivetrain (front and rear derailleur)  Some photos above show actual applications on my own Top End Force handcycle (been using it since winter 2017) and a recent customer we installed on his kneeler Top End handcycle.  These are the most difficult and demanding applications for mechanical shifting. If it can work on a handcycle, it can work anywhere!!

NOTE: With the "paddle" style Pod, we are shipping TWO paddles with EACH Combo kit (one per Elink).  As-shipped, only the two buttons closest to the clamp are paired to the Elink.  Most people prefer the left / right orientation for chain ring / cassette shifting.  In a few months, software updates will be available to allow all 4 buttons on one "paddle" to shift two Elinks, which will be helpful for those with a disability in one hand, but currently that software is in development.

Also coming soon are smaller "Micro Pods" that will attach directly and in-line with handlebars for a more streamlined fit to trikes and bikes.

  • Long life rechargeable and removable Battery (approximately 10,000 shifts)
  • Convenient USB charging port
  • Accurate to +/- 0.01 millimeter
  • Typical rear shift time less than 200 milliseconds
  • Easy setup via mobile APP
  • Any gear combination 2 - 100 speeds
  • Tune and adjust your shifting
  • Can easily fine tune gear while riding
  • Advance shift tuning parameters never before possible

Voice command works fairly well now.  See video HERE of a customer's handcycle using voice command! 

However, Siri behaves a bit erratically and will sometimes stop listening.  We are working on that.  Android promises to be a better listener and will soon be an option.

Best set up and programmed with an iPhone (for now).  We are currently working to perfect the apps for other operating systems.

Xshifter 2X Combo Kit with XPod
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