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25,000 Miles on SportCrafters Rollers

Let me begin by saying that I could not be more impressed by the quality and durability of my Sportcrafters rollers. These were the very first rollers I ever purchased - back in 1999 from Branford Bike - and amazingly they'll likely be the last! In fact, yesterday I surpassed the 25,000 mile mark on my Sportcrafters - all on the original drums and rubber belt!

Team Kenda - OverDrive Pro Rollers

Now that I have been forced inside several times, I must say that your roller design is amazing. I have gotten my heart rate higher than I have seen in two years just doing progressive work on the rollers with the new resistance roller installed. At a certain point, it really comes back at you hard. If I were outside, I would downshift at that point, and that is also an option inside.

Testimonial - OverDrive Drum

Hi from the UK... just a note to say what a great product you have in your progressive resistance roller drum. i've just upgraded my CycleOps alu rollers with the progressive mag roller and it is soo good ... Regards, Mark


Bicycling Magazine - Cadence Bike Rollers

"Smooooth. The drums .... spin with such fluidity that, to paraphrase a bike-review cliché, they disappear beneath you. At 90 rpm in medium gearing, the drums let you whirl at talking pace but are small enough to make you suffer at high rotations.... we found the ride exceptionally smooth at all speeds but especially so at heavy loads with high cadence..."

Why Train with Rollers?

In a world of infinite training options, the question is, “How do I best spend my time, for how long and how often?” Social media offers athletes thousands of ways to constantly improve their fitness. I want to go back to the basics, and review an often overlooked product that has been around for a long time.

Testimonial - OverDrive Pro Rollers

I am sending you a quick follow up after receiving the SportCrafters ZRO110 Progressive Resistance Roller Drum. I have three athletes in my family - my wife Pamela and sons Peter and Quinton. Peter is an 18 year old who, while focusing on the XCO season, excels at both Cyclo-Cross and Road racing.


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