5 Helpful Tips - Training through the Holidays

Consider these helpful tips to stay on track during the holidays!

5. Bring your Omnium Trainer with you to Grandma's house. It's compact enough to fit in the trunk of the car, along with the giant suitcase of the toys for the kids and the wife's famous sweet potato casserole.

4. Set an alarm on your cell phone (or, if you live in the Stone Age, pack an alarm clock) to get up early. Go for a run or spin on the trainer for an hour before family gatherings get started. Don't plan on working out in the evening - family events usually run late, and there's always the risk of going to bed early with a food coma.

3. Find some different activities that help to fill in the training gaps:

Shovel the driveway * Take an afternoon walk around the neighborhood with the family *Go on a winter hike at a local park * Take the kids ice skating * Go cross-country skiing with friends * Have a snowball fight * Build an igloo * Organize a relaxing family yoga session

2. Plan ahead, and schedule your training around travel plans. Make the most of your time before and after the trip, and enjoy a break from a strict routine.

1. Focus on the important things. Holidays are precious times with loved ones - don't miss out on these significant moments by worrying about the extra calories in that mouth-watering sweet potato casserole, the time you're not spending on the bike, etc. Sit back, relax, and soak it in.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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