New Product: High Inertia Drum

SportCrafters High Inertia Drum

If you've ever ridden rollers, you know that they are both physically and mentally challenging.  Having to focus on a smooth pedal stroke, balance and trying to remember to breathe all at the same time is part of what makes rollers such an effective training tool.  Traditional rollers have low inertia on purpose so that you are forced to train through the weakest part of the pedal stroke.  However, for some cyclists wanting to do long-distance training, sprints or one-legged drills, a higher level of inertia can increase confidence and comfort on the rollers.

Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion.  You experience inertia when you stop pedaling your bike and continue to coast for a while.  On a standard roller set, when you stop pedaling the time it takes for the wheels to stop turning is much shorter than what you experience outside.  Our new High Inertia Drum is a larger, heavier drum that adds mass and, effectively, inertia to your workout.

Here is some feedback from a customer who tested the High Inertia Drum:

"My effort seemed mentally less taxing, and the whole experience felt a little more pleasant. Specifically, I only started to noticed the difference after about 30 minutes into the workout. On a longer effort, especially well into a workout my power usually drifts down when I look away from my read-out. Today, it seemed easier to keep my power at target by my leg sensations without dedicating my eyes to the power read-out.

The only physical difference I noticed was that the drum gave me a lot of confidence to stand up while pedaling. Without the drum, standing always felt unnatural. Standing is now less taxing on my hip flexors and I can pedal a bit more naturally while standing."

Other instances when the High Inertia Drum would come in handy:

  • If you do not use clipless pedals, the higher inertia will carry you through the pedal stroke without feeling choppy
  • One-legged pedaling drills
  • Sprinting, which can sometimes result in rolling forward out of the "cradle"; the larger drum provides more stability
  • Clipping into clipless pedals without having to use a wall for support

The High Inertia Drum can be installed on any SportCrafters or CycleOps roller set.  Please make sure you are using the rollers on a flat surface, as there is very little clearance between the drum and the floor. 

Questions?  Ask us!  Then, find your local retailer and request a High Inertia Drum!

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