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Spike, Owner of Spikes Trikes

Meet Spike

The owner of Spikes Trikes in Amsterdam, NY. Spikes Trikes opened in April 2013 as a dealer for TerraTrike recumbent trikes, and was promptly named the #1 New Dealer in the country.

“I became disabled several years ago and was unable to ride a two-wheel bike anymore. We purchased a property with an empty storefront and decided to set up a trike shop where I could get some activity and mental challenge in operating a trike shop.” On SpikesTrikes.biz, Spike gets to the root of his motivation for getting into the trike business:

“Three years ago I read an advertisement about recumbent Terra Trikes in a magazine. Due to a severe back injury I had been unable to enjoy cycling as I did all through my youth. At the age of 59 my body was tired from inactivity and the 290 pounds it carried. I seached everywhere in the local region so I could check it out myself. To my surprise there were no local dealers. I took my chances and ordered one direct from the company. Today my 6 foot 4 frame carries only 235 pounds. It changed my life so much I decided that more people deserve the benefits that the Terra Trike can do for you. Its the most comfortable ride in the world.”

Now, a year after opening his doors, Spike knows he is making a difference in his community. "We not only sell trikes but continue a friend relationship with our fellow trikers and have group rides on area trails on a regular basis. More people are getting the message that you can get out and enjoy riding again in seats that don't make you sore and are knee and back friendly. We are known as the place 'where fun begins'."

What is the community saying about Spikes Trikes? We did a little digging...

"One of our regulars never misses the opportunity to say Thank You for getting me out and how much I enjoy my trike. He will do this every week and I never get bored because he truly means it." - Spike

On their Facebook page, a happy customer left this note: "Great place and I love my TerraTrike. Spike was the best and so helpful. A great experience and everything set up and ready to go."

“I met Spike (at the Albany Bike Expo) that day (very nice people) and very glad to see a new Terra Trike dealer in Eastern NY” – Customer on the TerraTrike Forum

Why does Spike use SportCrafters Trike Trainers? "I first bought a roller to help in my assembly on my work stand and be able to hand pedal the gears and watch the action and alignment and soon realized their potential for people to try out my trikes in shop on them. I use one to help keep in shape during winter months and they work great."

Like Spikes Trikes on Facebook, and if you're ever in the area be sure to stop in and say hello!

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