Made in USA at Interbike

The largest industry trade show in the U.S. needs a slice of American Pie.

Working for a manufacturer in small-town Indiana is very cool. When we order aluminum to make our roller drums, we pick it up at the local extruder only half an hour from the shop. When you place an order on our website, it might take a day to ship because we machine and assemble everything by hand. We get our boxes, raw materials, bags, cases, etc. etc. etc. all locally. This isn’t meant to sound at all like a sales pitch, we just think it’s so cool.

This is the very definition of Made in USA: Supporting each other. Creating jobs. Building communities. And along the way making some really neat stuff. There are a lot of U.S. manufacturers in our industry who are part of this cycle, and we want to know who they are. Don’t you?

Interbike is the largest cycling industry trade show in the U.S., and every year manufacturers work tirelessly to find ways to make the experience more meaningful for dealers. Don’t get me wrong, Interbike is FUN. But dealers also want to do business. They want to leave knowing they found new contacts, new products and new ideas that will help them do better business.

We think bike dealers and consumers would be interested in knowing which companies make their products in the USA, and it should be a thing to celebrate at our industry trade show! It means that even in a difficult economy, some companies are finding ways to keep the jobs in our communities.


We’d love to hear from you – would you be interested in learning which bike products are made in the USA? Does the fact that something is made in the USA affect your buying decisions? Would you be even more excited about attending Interbike if you knew you could find a lot of "Made in USA" stuff all in one place?


Yes... I try to buy as many USA products as possible and I do my very best to steer away from Chinese and Taiwanese junk products. I don't have a problem paying more for quality made USA products. I stay away from stores like the "Chinese Emporium" also known as Wal-mart and I certainly wouldn't even buy a cycling product or accessory there anyway. And yes... Interbike should do everything they possibly can to promote products made in the USA!
Great idea!


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