Built for Speed: SportCrafters

Pete Colan, Owner of SportCrafters

The Edward Lowe Foundation interviewed Pete about his entrepreneurial goals and vision.  Read the full article here!

Although being a second-stage entrepreneur poses plenty of challenges, Colan says one big advantage is being able to leverage knowledge he gained in the Startup School of Hard Knocks. “As a second-stager, you’re more adept at risk-taking because you’ve built experience as to what works and what doesn’t,” he explains. “You can proceed with greater confidence, which in itself, helps guarantee success. Today we’re able to make more investments, even with financing, without sweating bullets in the middle of the night.”

In 2013 SportCrafters’ staff included a dozen workers — which is expected to grow significantly due to the new trainer line. “Yet jobs are a byproduct of our business,” Colan says. “Our biggest contribution, both through the manufacturing business and retail store, is providing opportunities for people to develop healthy habits. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

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